Baskin Robbins – Store Locator
I was involved throughout the Baskin Robbins app development from an engineering perspective. A third party agency was responsible for the overall UI design while my team and I managed the development process. I worked closely with the engineering team to make sure that all UX and UI expectations from the stakeholders were met. I was also the pre-flight contact to deliver all Sketch-production files to a global engineering team. I was responsible for identifying all the user experience flaws and providing valuable solutions for the stakeholders.

The following “store locator” design is one of many solutions that I provided for the project. Baskin Robbins is the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty stores so it was important for the app to have an efficient store locator.

You may download the app for free at itunes store and google play.
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  • BR-Store Locator
  • BR-Store Locator