Avel Culpa

In 2007, as a self-taught web designer, I began my career building Wordpress and Magento websites for clients in Los Angeles. I was already exercising design thinking methods before UX was a defined discipline. Naturally, I found myself shifting my career and in 2013 I completed Cal State Fullterton's UX certification program, during the height of a growing interest in UX. I also have an educational background in Computer Information Systems, which allowed me to understand the perspectives and technical language needed to work efficiently in cross-functional teams.

My work experience is focused on mobile apps, e-commerce, and enterprise software for companies like Nike, Burger King, Baskin Robbins, Driveway, Tillster, Hyperkin and Tumbleweed Advertising Agency.

I'm fortunate to have a career that makes Mondays an exciting day of my week.


Photography is a big source of inspiration.


The mechanics of digital and film photography nurtures my creativity.

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Unplug to think differently about work.


I'm always grateful for the opportunity to explore and backpack through the outdoors. My best ideas came from hikes. Stepping away from the screen and crawling through rough nature revitalizes my energy to plug back in to UX life.